Recommendation by Vishal

“Sitanshu is a man of service, and he takes great joy in that. I completed my NLP Master Practitioner Certification with Sitanshu and Sushil and along with great tools they create a learning and growth-oriented enviornment. Sitanshu gives in his all at what he does, he has a great sense of humour and a warm and loving heart. Buena Veda’s Apple Cider Vinegar, is an absolute delight. I highly recommend it for vital health. Sitanshu is a gem, a blessing, a gift to this planet.”

Vishal Chhoker | Author, Entreprenuer and Life Coach

Recommendation by Aditya

“Sitanshu was the program facilitator when I underwent my NLP practitioner certification program in the year 2014 under Wisdom Tree Solutions. The way he facilitated the workshop was appreciable. I have high regards for him and his work. Even today, if in case I require any assistance he is available to support me in any manner possible. I endorse him for his skills and would encourage others to do get in touch with him for their NLP certification.”

Aditya Sisodia | Corporate Trainer And Consultant

Recommendation by Sunita

“I am glad that I did my NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach certification from Wisdom Tree Solutions. As committed by Sitanshu for full support, I would want to mention that the word is kept always. Whenever I require the support, be it for clarifications, revisiting some techniques, feedback on my articles, the response has been immediate and prompt. Thank you so much Sitanshu!!! You have been a great support…”

Sunita Jain | Independent Consultant and Life Coach

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